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You must have design approval before submitting payment! We are happy to assist you with the design work.

If you choose to create your own, before placing your order, please submit your design to us by email for design approval and description name.

You will find useful tips and information for creating your own SPD custom grips on our Design Guide below.

Below is a guide and recommended image specifications for creating your own design or requesting assistance from SPD Grips. When requesting assistance we attempt to do our best explaining the design process along the way, including why we cannot use certain images, criteria, etc. and in some cases encourage our customer to seek out a professional graphic designer if we are unable to create what he/she is looking for. Should you choose to proceed with a design after going thru this process and then decide you are not happy with the finished product there are no refunds due to the time, energy and material cost that went into assisting you with a custom product. For more information on our Return Policies please see our Policies Page.

1. Artwork Submission: 
You MUST submit your artwork via email BEFORE paying so that we can make certain we are able to use your artwork and get you the best print.
Once we have confirmed the design you will be given a file name to use in the description box under the appropriate product on the Custom Orders Page so that we can identify which design is yours.

2. Pistol & Paintball Gun Grips: 
It is recommended for best quality print that the images you use are clean and at least 500 dpi or greater to begin with. Place artwork where you want within the grip template. Leave room on the edges so that your images or lettering will not be lost during the production process. Once you have the layout you want to send the file over to us by email for review. The are set for proper size and resolution. It is recommended that you do not alter this in anyway. If you need assistance please feel free to email us. To Access our Templates click the Templates button.


3. Uploading of Files:
Files can be uploaded via our site on the contact us page. Files must of type JPEG, GIF or PNG. File names will be created automatically under your email message. If you have another file type such as a .psd, .eps or .ai file type then please email us directly at and attach your files to that email.