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Stinger Paintball Designs, Inc. is your source for customized paintball marker and pistol gun grips. We carry grips for over 63 paintball marker frames and have quickly gained recognition for our custom 1911 pistol grips including cuts for Magwell and Compact versions as well as Sig Sauer P238 Frames and continue to seek out new opportunities to expand our selection. We also offer other product for the Paintball Industry like our custom goggle paintball mask straps and paintball mask soft ears for JT, Empire Event and Dye I4.
Our objective today is to continue to bring our clients personalized service and unique enhancements to their weapon of choice. We are committed to our customers and strive for quality oriented customer care.

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Our History

SPD Custom Grips, also known as Stinger Paintball Designs, Inc. evolved in 2005 as a weekend sport while playing paintball with our sons. With so much money spent on markers we believed it was time for an original idea that would give the player the power to make something original that represented their individual style and allow their teams to stand out among the crowds.
Making a statement in paintball is part of the psychology of the game. Being able to look good, feel good and compliment your largest investment makes it that much better.  SPD was inspired by the players and our love of the game!

Future Goals

Many industries have been affected by the down turn in our economy and the paintball world is no exception. Over the last few years we have seen many companies close their doors or downsize their products. As a result we have had to discontinue our custom paintball hoppers and custom back plates. However, that has not deterred us in our goal to provide upgraded enhancements for your paintball markers and gun frames. As we continue to seek out and try new ideas we encourage you to check back often.

Many thanks from us here at SPD to all our loyal customers for your continued support.