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Listed below is a comprehensive list of services we offer our clients. Our objective is to provide paintball players and gun owners, worldwide, who have invested considerable money in their paintball markers and 1911 pistol guns a unique way to enhance their investments. We currently make custom grips for approx. 63 Paintball Marker Frames and are able to accommodate for the many different aftermarket boards available such as Tadao, Rampage, and Virtue. We expanded our product into the gun world and have been gaining recognition for our custom 1911 pistol grips including cuts for Magwell and Compact versions as well as Sig Sauer P238 Frames and are able to accommodate for both the standard versions as well as ambidextrous frames. What makes SPD Grips, Inc. unique is our ability to help you stand out among your peers by individualizing our product to your specific needs! We offer hundreds of designs to choose from as well as personalized customization. We also offer free graphic assistance on basic design work as well as templates so that you can create your own works of art! For more information on designing your own check out our Design Guide & Templates page. We are committed to our customers and your satisfaction is our utmost goal. We promise that you will be pleased with our product and our service. All our custom products are made to order based on customer's needs and desires. New or altered artwork may take longer to create to meet your requests. Upon receipt of your payment, the average time to make and ship is within 2 - 3 day time period. This may change due to high rate of volume.

SPD Custom Paintball Marker & Pistol Grips

Using high resolution images in 2400 dpi range we are able to make unlimited use of graphics and transfer those images onto acrylic grips. Due to the optical clarity of these grip panels we can make about any design you can dream up!
These paintball & gun grips are made from high impact acrylic and are custom contoured to each model. They have an ultra slim profile, lighter than the next competitors and have been field tested for durability.

Semper Fidelis 1911 Fullsize Left Side Safety Profile
Design by SPD Custom Grips

Judgment Day Custom SPD Paintball Grips

Paintball Marker Grips:

The paintball gun grips are .125 inches thick. We provide black oxide screws with every pair of paintball grips and include a set of instructions for easy installation.

Our paintball grips come with options to accommodate for the many different aftermarket boards available such as Tadao, Rampage, and Virtue. We use clear windows in the artwork so that you are able to read the OLED/LCD screens or see the LED lights in the frame.

Pistol Gun Grips:

Our pistol grips are cut from acrylic material ranging from .250 inches thick to .125 depending on the width of the stock grips. Screws are not included with our pistol gun grips. Your stock screws and bushings will work. Due to the many variations of 1911 pistols we recommend contacting us first if you are unsure of proper fit. We do make grips to accommodate the ambidextrous frames and is specified in the grip selection when you purchase. ONLY the ambi grips come with back plates for proper fit so be sure to select the correct grips.

Our pistol Gun Grips will fit the following frames: Taurus PT 1911 45 Cal, Kimber, Gold Cup, Wilson, Caspian, Ithaca, Thompson, Springfield, Smith & Wesson, Randal, Para Ord. 1911 45 Cal, Colt 1911, 1911A1, 1991, Series 70, Series 80BAER, Rock Island, Armscorp, and other clones. Also fits Super .38 & .22 Ace.

Our pistol Gun Grips will NOT fit the following frames: STAR, Para-Ord P-14 (other Para-Ord. "double stack" clones) and LLAMA.

Aequitas & Veritas Grey Springfield Armory 1911
Fullsize Ambi Safety Lever both sides
Design by SPD Custom Grips

The Dye Ultra Light Paintball Grip Slim Profile

- Here's what our customers are saying -

"In a sport where everyone hides behind the mask, sometimes it's fun to stand out a bit!"

"These grips are awesome. I was worried that due to the fact they are made from acrylic they would make my 1911 look like a toy. But it could not be further from the truth ."

"Very low profile grips too, makes the frame feel thinner in your hands and I find it more comfortable."

"Wow guys I wish you were around years ago when I had my autococker. Just got the Saints 1911 grips for my Ruger and all I can say is AWESOME! It give such character to my firearm. Keep up the excellent work!"

"I've always wanted to stand out from the crowd when it comes to paintball . . .
Thanks to Stinger Paintball Designs, I now shine even more with their custom grips!".